Felix Verdejo Calls Out Orlando Salido


    Felix-Verdejo-NY-arrival_130115_003a-1024x742Aside from the dual cards last night on HBO and Showtime Sports, Solo Boxeo in association with Top Rank also held a card in Philadelphia that featured 2012 Olympian, Felix “Diamante” Verdejo. The upcoming prospect scored a 4th round knockout against Karim El Ouazghari. We were able to talk to Felix after his win and asked him about his performance. “I’m very happy, first of all I want to thank God for the victory, we basically listened to the corner and came out with the victory.” When asked whether he was looking for a knockout, Verdejo explain, “No not really, I was just boxing, feeling him out in the early rounds and just capitalizing on the mistakes he was making. The right hand came in, he felt it and that was the end of it.”

    Verdejo has been making a lot of noise lately and the more fights he wins, the more we get to see him. As always, it’s interesting to see how these guys do when finally stepping up in competition. We asked Verdejo who he would like to fight in his future fights, should he keep putting on the performances he has lately. “Right now Orlando Salido is the champion in my weight class, if when the time comes, he is still champion, maybe we will get to fight him.” On the subject of Salido we asked Verdejo what he thought about him and his performances against guys like Mikey Garcia and Vasyl Lomanchenko and what he could possibly do in the case they should ever fight. “He’s very smart, he’s an old fox and knows some tricks, and we’ll make sure we’re strong to be able to hold him and just do our fight and box him.” Speaking of boxing him, we noted that Salido didn’t really start connecting on Juan Manuel Lopez until Lopez decided to slug it out with him. Lopez was having success boxing him, as well as Garcia. We asked Verdejo if boxing him is what he would do, and if he felt he’d have success doing so. “I can’t really say right now that we could do it because we’re still developing but when the time comes we will put in the work so that we will be able to do it and capitalize on our conditioning.”

    As far as when we can we expect to see Verdejo back in the ring, early next year looks like a strong possibility as he has been very active since going pro. Verdejo has also gained a tremendous following from his native Puerto Rico. He explains how it’s very exciting for him to see such a thing unfold. “Early next year, possibly February God willing we will be back in the ring. I’m very happy, it’s very exciting, to all those fans that were here supporting me. It’s a great experience and it’s honestly great.”