Fernando Vargas Jr. successful in pro debut


    By: Julio Garcia

    On December 19th there were a couple of debuts in boxing that were televised.  One being the co-main event to Canelo-Smith and the other which got less attention was Fernando Vargas Jr. 

    Vargas Jr. the son of former world champion Fernando Vargas made his debut in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He boxed well and had great aggression. He seemed to want to get his opponent out of there right away and while it seemed that way he took some solid shots on the way in. Took it like a champ though and put a beating on his opponent who refused to come out for the third round.

    “FERNANDO MADE THA VATO QUIT!!! He pulled a ‘NO MÁS,'” stated a proud Vargas Sr. via social media. 

    The ceiling is going to be high for Jr. and no doubt there will always be comparisons to his father. The one thing Sr. will push for is for his son to be better than him.