Petition started to name Edmonton street after Jelena Mrdjenovich


    By: : Julio Garcia

    Awards, championships and achievements are acquired throughout the entire career of an athlete. Some mean very little and others mean the world. In the end  the respect and admiration you get from those that support you trumps everything because without that support theres very little chance you would be where you’re at.

    In 2003 Jelena Mrdjenovich made her professional debut as a boxer. The former basketball player turned to Boxing after suffering an injury that sidelined her and she’s been giving fighters hell ever since then. It’s not often you see someone in the fight game with a career that has lasted over a decade (especially when they go to war constantly) and remain at the top. Mrdjenovich has done that and has shown no signs of slowing down. Not even Covid can stop the eight-time champion.

    Mrdjenovich fought last week in a hellacious battle with Paola Torres and won a tough fought decision to retain her world titles. She made her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta proud and the hard work that she’s put in as well as what she has accomplished is not going unnoticed. 

    YEG Fitness has started a petition to get a street named after the fighting pride of Edmonton. Should it happen Mrdjenovich would join the likes of fellow athletes such as Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier to have streets named after them. 

    “It’s crazy that people in the community care enough about me to try to get the city to acknowledge my accomplishments,” Mrdjenovich told Tha Boxing Voice. “I’ve always been proud to call myself an Edmontonian, and having a street named after me in my home town would be a great honor.”

    To sign the petition to help get a street named after Mrdjenovich go to: