Floyd Mayweather: What’s Best for Business?


    Mayweather-TMT-MoneyThe highest paid athlete in the world is Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Whether you like him or hate him, and with him there seems to be no in between, the one thing that everyone knows is that he’s a smart businessman and he knows how to maximize his earnings. He has made approximately 100 milion in the last year and has two fights left on his 30-month, six fight deal with Showtime that was reportedly  around the figure of $250 million. That doesn’t even include the extra that he makes off of PPV sales and total money he makes from his self-named promotional company, Mayweather Promotions.

    Because Floyd is such a smart businessman, I question as to why he has been mentioning the word retirement over the past couple months. Yes, Mayweather turns 38 in less than four months, but within the next year and half, there is still a huge amount of money that he could obtain with just a couple simple non-Mayweather-like moves. I will be going over the plan I have for Mayweather if I was in his position and trying to maximize the amount of money I can get before I retire. And I know everyone will just sat fight Manny Pacquiao, but that’s not just it. If you want to think in a larger, longer term, overall way, the Manny fight is just part of what could be a worldwide tour in terms of raking in the big bucks for Floyd.

    First things first, Floyd should not try to interfere with the likely big time matchup between Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto on May 2nd next year. Not only would he piss people off for fighting within the same month, much less the same day, he would also be taking away from his own viewership, as many people would rather watch that fight than any fight he plan right now, besides Manny. So as far as my plan goes, let’s start with fighting in April.

    Amir Khan

    I know people will have a problem with me mentioning Khan as an opponent for Mayweather, but hear me out. The purpose of this fight would be to build Mayweather’s brand worldwide and show that Floyd isn’t afraid to leave Las Vegas. Yes, this fight would be taking place in the UK. If Floyd decided to go to fight in Wembley Stadium against one of the UK’s biggest boxing stars in front of a sold out 90k crowd  it would be the largest venue that Floyd has ever fought in. It would also probably be the most raucous crowd and loudest atmosphere he has ever been involved in. After this fight, a fight he should win, he can go back home to fight in the US again, but once again, not in Vegas.

    Danny Garcia

    Once again, like Khan, Danny Garcia may not make most people happy right now for getting a Floyd Mayweather fight, but between now and when this fight should take place, September, Garcia has time to fight two guys and quickly build himself up. Also, the main attraction of this fight would be FINALLY having Floyd Mayweather fight a fight in New York, specifically Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center. Call me crazy, but I think Mayweather fighting in NY would actually gain him some fans. He seems to be more liked in that area than out west.

    Assuming he gets another win in Brooklyn, Mayweather’s contract would be then complete with Showtime and his record would be set at 49-0. At this point Mayweather would be a free agent. Most people would think he would retire. However, if I’m him, I say to both HBO and Showtime, “I’m a free agent, I will fight my 50th and final fight in May of 2016, it will be under Mayweather Promotions only, it will go to the highest bidder, and it will be against one person and one person only.”

    Manny Pacquiao

    Yes, after all of this time, the dream matchup finally happens. Yes, both fighters would be past their prime, but I’m completely sure that as long as both are still fighting at near the level they are now, no one will care. It would bring in probably about 300 million in revenue. It would be the most watched PPV boxing event of all time. It would be the 50th and final fight in the career of Floyd Mayweather, and possibly Pacquiao’s last fight also. And lastly, because it’s under his Mayweather’s promotional company only, it may be the richest payday of any boxer that we will probably ever see in our lifetime.

    Now will any of these fights ever happen? Who knows? I wouldn’t completely rule them all out, but one thing is for sure. Floyd Mayweather may be the most intelligent money-driven boxer in the sport. It’s not even about always giving the fans what they want, but in this case, giving the fans what they want would make him go down in history as the greatest “Money” making boxer that the sport of boxing has ever or may ever see again.