Floyd Mayweather’s $25,000 Mouth Guards… Seriously.


Floyd MayweatherFloyd Mayweather puts his money where his mouth is, and we aren’t talking about another million dollar bet in Vegas. No, this time it’s a literal money-in-mouth situation. $25,000 right in the pound for pound king’s word hole.

Yes… Twenty. Five. Thousand. Dollars. That is what TMZ is reporting that Floyd Mayweather spends on his custom mouth guards. I’ve looked on google, as well as Amazon, and I can find a few mouth guards that approach the $100 range, but that’s about it. So the question is, how does one create a $25,000 mouth guard?

I’m glad you asked! Apparently these mouthpieces contain expensive materials like diamonds, gold and $100 bills. That sounds like a joke answer, but it’s no joke. Floyd’s dentist, Dr. Lee Gause also flies out to Las Vegas personally to customize the fit for Floyd. I wonder if he pays for his own flight… probably not.

Now I’m starting to understand why ringside seats are so expensive. If Manny catches Floyd on May 2nd and knocks one of these things out of his mouth, someone is going home with $25,000 worth of middle finger to poor people. Quite a souvenir!