Francisco Vargas calls Orlando Salido a dirty fighter, feels he will have to be at his best to be victorious

Orlando Salido v Orlando CruzAlmost five months ago the boxing world experienced one of the most exciting fights within this decade and one that will leave its mark in boxing history when Francisco Vargas and Takashi Miura went toe-to-toe for nine rounds. The fight was action-packed and full of drama with both fighters displaying power, skills , heart, and determination, all of which needed to be present to put on a spectacle of a fight. Vargas came out strong and hurt his opponent early on but Miura would rally back and constantly hurt Vargas (who would fight back like a true warrior) and then dropped him in the fourth round.
Vargas did not back down at all and would continue fighting on and hurting Miura as well. Vargas would overcome being hurt in the late rounds and drop Miura in the ninth round and then finish off his opponent.
Looking back at the fight, Vargas is pleased overall with the way things went down. Yes it was not easy and he was knocked down and hurt but how did not have been for that chances are it would not have become the fight of the year for 2015. Vargas stated that if he could go back and change anything about the fight, he would not change a thing.
“It was a very hard fight,” Vargas told Tha Boxing Voice. “I’m very happy with the end result. What would I change? I don’t think I would change a thing because if the fight didn’t go the way it did it wouldn’t have been fight of the year so I wouldn’t change a thing.”
In just two months, Vargas will step foot in the ring once again and what is expected to be an all-out war when he takes on veteran and former world champion Orlando “Siri” Salido. A fight with Salido can be an exhausting even for the most prepared of boxers. Salido is always in your face and he’s always throwing punches that he’s looking to connect and it doesn’t matter where on your body the punches land as long as they land. Vargas feels that he’ll need to be in his best shape to end of victorious against Salido but also has to be wary of illegal hits such as low blows and head butts which can be major game changers in any fight and which happen in many of Salido’s fights.
“I have to train hard and  I have to prepare myself very well and I need to be in very good physical shape.” Vargas continued, “I have to be wary. We know he is a dirty fighter. I have to work the distance and we’ll have to have a talk with the referee to make sure that [low blows and headbutts do not occur and are] not permitted.”