Froch-Kessler 3 or Ward-Froch 2?


Carl Froch was victorious this past weekend over one of two fighters that have beaten him in the past. So where does he go from here? Some fans feel that their second match was close enough to warrant a rubber match between the two which would do huge numbers in England.

Would a rematch with the only other fighter to defeat him be on the horizon? Andre Ward won the Super Six Tournament and defeated both Kessler and Froch. So it would seem that Ward would be the better fight for Froch. Froch would want the fight to take place in England and not in Ward’s hometown of Oakland. The fight itself would do much better in England seeing as Ward is a solid but not a huge ticket seller in the U.S.

Truth is, no matter who Froch faces the chances of the fight happening anywhere else than England is very slim. There is only one fight that makes sense for him at super middleweight, but egos, location and money will determine which fight will take place.