Golden Boy Confirms Alvarez Return in December, Clottey Bout Not Official Yet


    Canelo-Alvarez-bodyIn a recent interview Golden Boy have mentioned Canelo Alvarez can now be the number one attraction of a network. If Alvarez had remained with Showtime he would have always came second behind Floyd Mayweather Jr. Despite possibly being the number one attraction for HBO for years to come, Golden Boy has stated, “We are at least planning for one live fight a year, so it’s going to be PPV and one live fight a year. The next fight will be a live fight.” They have also confirmed Alvarez will most likely be fighting in December, an exact date is yet to be released.

    Given the fact Alvarez’s next fight is not set to be on PPV as of now, people can expect him to face an opponent such as Joshua Clottey. If Alvarez is victorious this fight will probably lead into a big PPV showdown with any of the top stars around his division, more likely than not Miguel Cotto. If Golden Boy keeps their word of at least having one live fight a year, will Alvarez continue to face a Joshua Clottey type of opponent at least once a year, or will people get some of the biggest fights without the additional payments?