Guillermo Rigondeaux To Filipino Fans Post Fight: You Have A Great Champion, His Name Is Pacquiao.


    Well the fight of the year bout (sarcasm since you can’t hear my voice) between Guillermo Rigondeaux and John Riel Casimero has come and gone and fans are split on who should have won.

    Both fighters landed less than 50 punches each throughout the fight but it was Casimero who ended up the victor according to two judges scorecards. One judge even had it a bit wide in favor of Casimero. Needless to say the wrong fighter won but with the lack of action it became tedious to judge or at times give your complete attnetion .

    Rigondeaux (or whoever handles his Twitter) pulled no punches once the fight was over with (more than I can say for what happened during the fight). “El Chacal” was expecting someone to come in to try and take his head off but instead got a stinker from his opponent (which he is the one used to doing so). It was not what a good chunk of people expected as Rigondeaux threw some shade at Casimero while congratulating Filipino fight fans on having a great champion…in Manny Pacquiao.

    “I am not going to make excuses for anything. I was expecting a guy ready to blow my chin away and sent me to retirement. But I am not a picture on a bag. I can actually box. I learned before becoming a champ back in Cuba. No one has to make me a champion or give me anything. You can point fingers at my style all you want but everything I got I fought for it. Nothing was given. ‘He won’ according to the judges, that is fine by me. Boxing has never been fair to me at the professional level. But he is no Pacquiao and my chin is still on my head. Congratulations to the Filipino fans. You have a great champion, his name is Pacquiao.”