Haye Vs. Chisora: Gangstas or Pranksters?


    Dereck Chisora versus David Haye; I personally have never been more excited for a United Kingdom fight!

    Nothing against boxers from the UK because there have been some very great ones, but this fight excites me. Not just because it’s a heavyweight fight (and not a super heavyweight fight because Dereck Chisora and David Haye are your normal heavyweight fighters) but more because it’s the kind of heavyweight fight that can actually look and be exciting. Now, I know there are tons of reasons this fight shouldn’t happen from a moral stand point. Main reason is Chisora actions as of late; Dereck Chisora got into the face of Wladimir Klitschko and spit water at him. (Here’s the video: http://bit.ly/J9NaXK)

    Oh yeah let’s not forget the slap heard and seen around the world. Dereck Chisora actually slapped the piss out of Vitali Klitschko. (Here’s the video: http://bit.ly/wnl1Rw)

    Ok so before you say it, I will: it’s true; I love this type of behavior. Maybe it’s my inner city upbringing? Maybe it’s the whole toughest guy in the neighborhood complex (shoulder shrug). Come on, so you never played “baddest” man to hit my hand in the school yard? Regardless,  it is definitely a very entertaining fight and to be honest, with all the let downs in boxing like super fights not being made (Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao) or good fights  being dead (Lamont Peterson vs. Amir Khan) we should applaud the fights that contain this much appeal. For those in disagreement, we could always make Sergio Mora vs. Shane Mosley 2 and title it the great depression. Or we can get behind this fight and make HBO get behind this fight. Why you ask? The fight deserves it, that’s why!

    First, starting with David Haye; no one can deny that at cruiserweight he was dominant being one belt short of total division unification, even if some would argue he didn’t reach elite heavyweight status. David Haye vs. Nikolai Valuev was a fight a lot of fans were disgusted with. Let’s evaluate this a bit closer. Nikolai Valuev is a 7’2″ modern day Russian giant. Let’s be real here, which of you would of fought Nikolai Valuev on the inside? He also had a 99lb weight advantage over David Haye.  Adam Booth, Haye’s trainer and manager, told Telegraph Sport: “Not every fight involving David is going to be like that, because not every fight is going to be against someone who is 7ft tall.” Yet, in the 12th round Haye tried to be David from the biblical scriptures.

    He swung one of his signature “Hayemakers” and Valuev survived one last assault in the final round from Haye to make sure he didn’t play out his Goliath role completely to the tee. There is no question he did the very next best thing by becoming the first man to utterly outclass and comprehensively outpoint the tallest (and heaviest) champion in history over 12 semi boring rounds.


    David Haye’s next fight was versus John Ruiz where he was much more fan pleasing and becoming only the second guy to stop Ruiz.


    Next for David Haye was Audley Harrison, who was an opponent no one was pleased with and a very sad fight for fans (no one landed punches in first round). In the second it was much more of the same with lots of herky jerky movements with nothing to speak of. Finally in the 3rd round Haye emerged and landed a big right and then tried to work on Harrison’s body. He then landed another big right and Harrison was in big trouble. Haye moved in for the kill and Harrison went down. Haye then ransacked him against the ropes. Harrison took an eight count, but no sooner had he got to his feet than Haye beat on him again, pummeling him against the ropes and the referee had no option but to stop the fight. It was a very easy victory for David Haye.


    Haye versus Klitschko was in one word disgraceful (all Hayes fault end of story).


    Now on the other hand, Dereck Chisora comes to fight even fat and overweight. Against Tyson Fury, he weighed in at 261 pounds at 6’1.  This was the England’s version of Chris Areola. What has to be said is that even overweight the fight wasn’t a bad one. Dereck Chisora made it exciting by pushing the action which is one of his best attributes. His stamina in the ring is excellent and he can push the pace for 12 rounds.


    Dereck Chisora threw more left low style hooks in that fight then probably anyone in all of boxing history. Every time he threw one the Madonna like a prayer jumped in my mind because I just knew he was praying to land more than one (here’s link to song http://bit.ly/JzEhHV).


    In Dereck Chisora’s next fight he still was very much fan pleasing also coming into fight in way better shape than the Fury fight at 243 lbs against Robert Helenius. The underdog Chisora nearly tripled Helenius in power punches landed, hitting on 46%.  Chisora landed more total punches and power punches in all twelve rounds.  Helenius landed just 22% of his total punches. This is a fight where most had it scored for Chisora.


    Dereck Chisora dominated the fight, beat the brakes off of Robert Helenius, and even overcame a clearly biased and terrible referee (clearly beating Helenius in front of his home fans). So the judges made up for it by awarding Helenius a bogus win. Chisora landed more clean shots, was far more active, and had Helenius backing up for the vast majority of the fight.


    So we all know Vitali Klitschko was successful vs. Dereck Chisora but Chisora as always was a game challenger and it was arguably the toughest bout Vitali had to endure since losing on a technical knockout to Lennox Lewis in 2003.


    Vitali Klitschko had this to say at post fight presser “I’m not proud of my performance tonight because I feel I let my fans down.” Chisora dropped to 15-3 (9 KOs) after his third defeat in his last four fights, but he had the fans in Munich’s Olympiahalle worried as Klitschko appeared to tire from his relentless attacks. Sensing an upset, in the seventh round Klitschko reasserted his dominance with a series of precision blows.


    What I’m hoping to prove here is this can be a very exciting fight. Chisora is a man that comes to fight and if he lasted 12 rounds with Vitali and Fury he will with Haye. He came forward versus those very same fighters so he will with Haye. So even if Haye decides to take a scene out of the Kevin Bacon classic in Foot loose, Chisora will make him fight. I think after being in a back room post fight conference brawl where in his words “He glassed me”! (Here’s video http://bit.ly/JI5TrV)


    He has the motivation and hate towards David Haye. As for Haye, he also has some proving to do after his “toe” excuse in his Wladimir Klitschko fight. Both fighters possess the kind of raw, uncut animosity that makes for explosive action.

    The buildup for this fight will be tremendous; the pressers, the weigh in and the stare down (if even allowed) will all be factors and add just that much more to the drama come fight night.

    So if you’re like me and can’t wait to see the fireworks on July 14 when this massive fight goes down leave a comment and let’s discuss it more!