Wacky week in boxing headlines the 5/10 wire report


I have learned a few things this past week, like Miguel Cotto is still a warrior, Lamont Peterson tried to cheat, and if your not a Floyd Mayweather fan in Phoenix, AZ, you might get shot. Soon Max Kellerman Faces Off against Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. Vanes Martirosyan backs out of a fight, and a battle of the Britains loud mouthed heavyweights has been signed. Are you ready boxing fans, here is today’s edition of the Boxing Voice’s Wire Report


Lamont Cheaterson (30-1-1,15KO’s)as many are now calling him, may soon be stripped of the IBF&WBA titles that once belonged to Amir Khan (26-2, 18KO’s) and given back to their rightful owner. Peterson won these titles in a controversial decision, and gained help from a 2 point deduction by the Referee against Khan for pushing excessively in Lamont’s hometown of Washington DC last year. To add fuel to an already blazing fire, now we add PED’s to the Mix.  I’m still having trouble absorbing this weeks events, but I’ve tried to believe me. Under arm synthetic testosterone pellets? WTF is going on, then it’s said that Peterson’s camp pushed for the testing. What a bunch of fools if there is truth to this.. Conspiracy theorists are saying Golden Boy Productions paid off Peterson to take a PED charge and get Khan out of another battle against Peterson. I say phooey to that nonsense clearly Peterson used PED’s for a competitive edge and was caught doing so. Although its not proven yet I suspect it’s not the first time he’s used, and he should be fined heavily and suspended indefinitely. I say we put Antonio Margacheato in the ring against Lamont Cheaterson, in an old fashioned WWE “Anything Goes Match”.

In other news Vanes Martirosyan (32-0, 20KO’s)has turned down another good matchup. If you don’t remember, it was Vanes who backed out of a match to face “El Perro” Angulo, a few months later Vanes is in the same position turning down another WBC final eliminator against Erislandy Lara (16-1-1, 11KO’s). Now to clear the air a little Vanes recently beat Saul Roman in a semi-eliminator. Winner was suppose to fight the winner of another eliminator that pit James Kirkland against Carlos  Molina. Kirkland won the eliminator but was sidelined by a shoulder injury that had to be operated on. Leaving Vanes in the all to familiar and hated boxing limbo. I wonder if Vanes’ constant battering of the WBC, led them to make this fight against Lara, to shut his mouth. Lara comes off the destruction of Ronald Hearns in a 1Rd KO, and frankly looks ready for anyone at light middleweight, too bad know one wants any of him, but for now Lara is just another boxer to add to boxing limbo.

This Saturday May 12 is the debut of the much anticipated HBO promo show Face off With Max Kellerman featuring Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38KO’s) facing off against Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (28-0, 12KO’s) before their big match on June 9th at the MGM Grand. Last Face Off was a bit uneventful where we met “true warrior” Miguel Cotto, and America’s new sweetheart Floyd Mayweather Jr. I for one thought the show lacked a little flair of what was suppose to be a confrontation between warriors. Then it became an introductory course in gambling and brown nosing. Well one thing is for sure with all the praise Mayweather gave to Cotto, I’m sure he will be treated right by the Puerto Rican correction officers he meets while locked up next month.

If your in Phoenix AZ and you happen to be approached by drunken Mayweather fans, and they ask you if your on the Money Team. You Better respond yes, or you might end up like another Money Team member 50Cent, riddled with bullets. Some idiot shot and killed a young man for not being a Mayweather Fan sad, but true.

Frank Warren England’ answer to Bob Arum and Oscar de la Hoya is putting together and unlicensed event showcasing what any WWE fan will be amused by. David Haye will face Derrick Chisora already selling more then 20,000 tickets in two days. The match is set for July 14, in Upton Park. Both fighters were separated by a barrier at their first press conference announcing the fight Tuesday. I wanna see this fight, but I also wanna see bottles breaking…. Let’s the Glassing Begin!!

A short and sweet wrap up for today’s Wire Report, check up on us tomorrow as I dive head first into some more boxing news, and gossip.. Don’t forget to tune into tonight’s show starting in a few minutes. We are on the air tonight from 7-9pm on blogtalkradio.comsearch for thaboxingvoice/voice of the people, it may change your life.. Thanx again and see you on the next Wire Report. @number2snake

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