Heather Hardy:Beautiful and Dangerous


    When it comes to boxing, many fighters have a to struggle to make it. Women fighters have a harder struggle in the U.S. because of how society views females. Heather Hardy is quickly rising in the world of women’s boxing and from her looks, you would not think that she could kick your ass but truth be told, she probably can.

    Hardy originally took up kickboxing to get herself back into shape after giving birth and gained the attention of Devin Cormack at the Gleason’s Gym and began training with him. Under Cormack’s guidance, Hardy won several amateur championships including the New York City Golden Gloves Championship. After a short period of time, she and her team decided it was time to turn to professional boxing.

    Since her debut, Hardy has been impressive. She has a record of 6 wins with no losses and 1 knockout. She is known for fighting in the trenches and going to war, but a lot of her recognition comes from the volunteer work that she does. “I do volunteer work for USA boxing so everybody in the game knows who I am just for that,” said Hardy.

    Aside from her volunteer work, good looks, and the ability to put on an entertaining fight, she is well known for the effort she puts into training, into her fights, and into her preparation. “People respect me because they come in the gym and I’m there and I work so hard. I think people just respect my work ethic.”

    Though she may make it look natural, a lot of hard work has to take place because by her definition she is a bit of a klutz. “I am not one of those girls that just come in the gym and is a natural at boxing. I am uncoordinated and I’m geeky. I’m the girl that walks up and trips three times. I’m not naturally good at this. I’ve been successful because I work so, so hard.”

    Though it is early in her career, it is not too soon to push her as much as possible. Hardy started her career later in life and time is of the essence. Hardy would love to advance as much as possible and has no plans but to improve and become the best. “I’m not sure. The only plans I have is to keep training, keep getting better every day, keep fighting and keep winning. My long-term goal is to be the best. I gotta take every little step that I can to get there.”

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