Henry Ramirez “If people can’t see that then too f**king bad”






Al Haymon may be changing the public’s perception of him. In fact, the better his cards are looking, the more his public image benefits, and right now it is soaring as the notion that Haymon likes to put his fighters in with subpar competition lessens.

We will see if this is a tradition for Haymon that he will continue, if so a lot of people will see Al Haymon in the same light as Henry Ramirez does. Thaboxingvoice caught up with Henry Ramirez, trainer of Chris Arreola and Josesito Lopez, both of whom are managed by Al Haymon. Thaboxingvoice very own Fernando Pimentel spoke with Ramirez on the landscape of Al Haymon’s new contract with NBC, plus Ramirez’s relationship with Haymon.

“Its huge man,” says Ramirez, “I think it’s great, NBC is a huge platform, especially when you’re fighting on free TV. It’s going to appeal to the masses, just a much bigger audience.”

In order for the masses to be pleased with Haymon’s product. He will have to keep delivering solid fight cards. Unfortunately, Haymon has a reputation for doing just the opposite as well as rubbing other promoters the wrong way for a myriad of reasons. Ramirez spoke to his experience with Al Haymon and had a different account of the power manager altogether.

“Al is all about making sure the fighter gets what they need, and making sure to maximize the money. Al has been very good to us, very fair to Josesito [and] very fair to Chris. We have been with him for about 11 years now.”

Ramirez furthers his defense of Haymon saying, “All those fighters aren’t thanking Al Haymon for no reason, they aren’t thanking him because they are told to. They are appreciative of what he’s done for them, if people can’t see that then too f**king bad. Some people say the fighters do whatever Al says, no, Al gives you a lot of options on what you want. It’s really up to the fighter.”