Heredia: Mayweather Needs to Work on His Power to Compete with Pacquiao


Angel Heredia ESPNThe debate continues on who will win the mega fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Most people are convinced that Floyd’s boxing skills are too superior for Pacquiao to contend, while others believe that Pacquiao’s awkward approach will throw Mayweather off his game and cause him enough trouble that his unblemished record is ruined forever.

We know that both fighters are fast, but will it be Pacquiao’s explosive speed that gives him the edge or will it be Mayweather’s precise quickness that becomes the difference?

Although, speed might not be the determining factor, after all. Perhaps power is where the fight will be fought and won, and if that’s the case then obviously Pacquiao’s chances are better than initially thought.

Angel Memo Heredia said in an interview published on ESNEWS’ YouTube channel that power is Floyd’s weakens heading into the fight and he believes that if Mayweather is relying on a balanced skillset that highly favors speed then it will make it challenging for the judges to differentiate between Pacquiao and Mayweather’s quickness.

“Mayweather is super-fast, but I really haven’t seen him [do] any heavy punching like he used to back in the days,” Heredia said in the ESNEWS interview. “I don’t know; maybe that’s something he needs to start working on it. Develop more punching power rather than just speed because now you’re going to have two guys that are going to go at each other with speed. Speed is going to be a little more difficult for the judges to tell the winner.”

Heredia believes there is still time for Floyd to make the necessary impact on his punching power.

“I think it is possible [for Floyd to gain power before the fight]. It’s only 8 weeks apart from the fight, give or take, so I think if he develops a good program he should be able to [give] a good fight.”