Marcos Maidana: Amir Khan and Danny Garcia Are Who He Wants


hi-res-456610497-marcos-maidana-celebrates-his-unanimous-decision_crop_exactMarcos Maidana has been idle since his lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their rematch. But being with Al Haymon and all the platforms that are available to his fighters, don’t expect to see him out the ring for too long.

This past Saturday, PBC on NBC debut to great ratings. Maidana’s manager who was in attendance told that this was the beginning of something great.

“Fans kept clamoring for great fights on clean air, what can you expect? This was great,” Contursi told

According to Contursi, Maidana is resting and preparing for his marriage. That’s something he had promised her last year. It was postponed because of both Mayweather fights. He’s planning his honeymoon in Las Vegas to be there for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

But after that’s all said and down, Maidana is targeting a fighter who will be on the next PBC on NBC, Danny Garcia.

“We are targeting Danny Garcia because that’s the biggest fight,” explained Contursi. “He has something in his blood, the way he beat my fellow countrymen, Lucas Matthysse; he wants to take revenge for Lucas.”

Contursi says he wants that fight for Maidana next, and there’s no need for an interim fight, especially because Garcia fights next month and Maidana’s wedding is two weeks after.

“Marcos Maidana says he’s ready for that fight,” stated Contursi. “He doesn’t want any interim fights or tune-ups at all. After fighting Broner and Mayweather twice, at this stage of his career, he’s ready to take down another name.”

Amir Khan is another big name that doesn’t have a fight lined up. Contursi says he would love a rematch with Khan for Maidana, but Khan wants no part of it.

“We’re wasting our time because every time we request a rematch, he always refuses. If you analyze every time Khan goes through the media, he never mentions Marcos Maidana, he obviously doesn’t want that fight. If he wants that fight, all he has to do is call Al Haymon.”