It’s Official! Mandy Bujold To Officially Represent Canada In Tokyo


    Last week Mandy Bujold had a major victory in court not just for herself but for women and human rights.

    Bujold was told she could not compete in the Tokyo Olympics after missing some qualifying tournaments which were originally not supposed to count as qualifiers. Why did she miss those events? Well Bujold had planned to have children and that plan was in a period of time when there were not supposed to be any qualifying events. She went from being the #2 woman in the America’s to being told she is no longer able to be on the Canadian team. Had she of missed time to being injured then there would be no issue but being pregnant is not an injury and it was definitely wrong for those who made the decision.

    Bujold was excited to take place where she left off and was sure of returning to her spot on the Canadian team and earlier today she made it official with her announcement on social media.

    “It’s officially official,” stated Bujold. “I will be representing Team Canada in Tokyo! I’m very excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to competing at my second Olympic Games!”

    “None of this would be possible without the support of my incredible team –
    First and foremost my husband Reid and Daughter Kate, Coach, S&C [coach], mental performance coach, massage therapist, all of my sparring and training partners, all of my sponsors and my fierce lawyer and her team. The support has been incredible in the lead up to this and I can’t thank you enough. We’ve worked hard, we stayed focused and now I am so ready!”