Melissa Odessa Fresh Off IBO Title Win is Staying Ready to Step Up and Step In


Melissa Odessa (5-0, 2KOs) is a few weeks removed from her IBO Bantamweight World title victory over Calista Silgado in which she pitched a virtual shutout. It was a solid outing against an opponent she was not initially preparing for in camp.

Even though this was Melissa’s biggest opportunity to date, the late replacement did not motivate her like her original opponent. Upon receiving word of her new opponent, and after looking her up, the Brooklyn native decided that she would use the fight to work on things.

“What I did to keep my interests was I decided not to go for the quick knockout, and I would instead work on my skills,” Melissa said. “I knew I couldn’t sleep on her, but I knew I’d win.”

With only 5 fights under her belt, Melissa is already making a name for herself, and her stock is clearly on the rise. The experience factor is not an issue because she has been training since youth and she has competed in a variety of combat sports—including amateur and pro MMA. Still, she is determined to hone her craft as a boxer determined to unify the division.

“I gained experience, [but things did not] go exactly the way I wanted. I wanted to turn it up in the 10th round and get the stoppage, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

“I’m going to stay focused because a lot of opportunities will open up now.”

Melissa wants to stay active, and she has received a variety of offers, but the current plan is to stay ready for any opportunity that could present itself, which could include stepping into a late replacement role.

“I already went back into training, and I’ve already been offered a couple of fights, but I want to stay ready in case my name is called. I mean, the way things go, you know, I have to stay ready.”