Itskowitch On Ward’s Return and Ward-Golovkin



Roc Nation Sports made a huge splash signing Miguel Cotto last week. With Miguel Cotto’s resume added to the already signed Andre Ward, Roc Nation Sports has two of the best boxers in the sport of boxing. Now While Miguel Cotto isn’t plagued with inactivity, Andre Ward hasn’t fought in close to 18 months but Roc Nation Sports David Itskowitch hopes to change that.

“We’re targeting the late spring for Andre Ward,” Itskowitch told

As to what network he is fighting on, Itskowitch said, “He’s not contracted to HBO, so Andre is a network free agent. We’re seeking the best deal for Andre Ward.”

The business of boxing has been giving sort of a facelift with the Al Haymon time buy deals over multiple platforms, but Itskowitch says the business of Al Haymon doesn’t affect what Roc Nation does.

“Al has obviously established the deals that he’s established,” Itskowitch said. “We’re working on deals that we’re going to establish. I don’t know that one has to do with the other.”

Roc Nation Sports is rather young in the boxing world, and a lot of criticism was drawn to the company in possible overpaying for fighters and fights, and a deal with Gary Shaw falling out. But Itskowitch says it all takes time.

“To say everything isn’t peaches and creams, I don’t know how to say but this boxing division didn’t exist last August,” explained Itskowitch. “We had a great event in Madison Square Garden this past January; we have a couple more shows coming up on Fox Sports 1. We have two of the best fighters in the world. We’re signing great young fighters. I don’t see anything wrong with the way our plan has gone.”