Jamel Herring Pleads For The WBA To Do The Right Thing


    An unarmed robbery took place last weekend when Mykal Fox’s hand was not raised in his fight with Gabriel Maestre. Fox was the clear winner in the bout and surprise, surprise boxing screws not just the fighter but the fans out of a legitimate result and continues to hurt the sport.

    The WBA stated that they were going to launch an investigation into the matter but they said they could order an immediate rematch. In the meantime it was discovered that one of the judges, Gloria Martinez-Rizzo has a checkered past.

    Martinez-Rizzo had Tweeted racist statements in the past towards the Obama’s and Lebron James. To top that all off she was a Trump supporter (do whatever you want with that) and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Martinez-Rizzo also has several ties within the WBA. Needless to say there is some sort of fuckery transpiring here.

    While fans cry foul at the travesty that transpired others such as Jamel Herring are asking the WBA to do the right thing.

    “Mr. Gilberto Mendoza for the sake of our sport, we have to do what’s right, not only for the people who support us, but the men and women who put it all on the line, in that ring,” stated Herring in a Tweet to the WBA President.

    Nothing may come out of it as sanctioning bodies can go either way with their decision but one thing is for sure they sure don’t like to reverse decisions. That being said it is up to the boxing community to speak up about what they know to be right and wrong.