Javier Fortuna puts his 130 lb. title on the line tonight against Carlos Velasquez


Javier FortunaJavier Fortuna puts his 130 lb. title on the line tonight against Carlos Velasquez on tonight’s PBC on Fox Sports 1 card. Fortuna is fast but usually loops some of his punches and says he’s been working on shortening up his punches in this camp.

“I showed up to camp in great shape. I normally don’t spar much in training, but for this camp I’ve already got a lot of rounds in,” he said. “I’ve been sparring a lot to work on shortening up my punches and throwing them straighter.”

Since beating Bryan Vasquez, Fortuna has become attached to his world title and says he’s not giving it up anytime soon.

“I feel on top of the world. I don’t plan on giving up my title ever again,” Fortuna said. “Boxing is my life. It is give and take. It’s my life, and I’ve given a lot to it and sacrificed a lot, but I’ve been rewarded very well for my efforts.”

Fortuna title is the regular WBA title but should he win there are other 130 pounders that are title holders like a Jose Pedraza, the Japanese combo of Takashi Uchiyama Takashi Miura, and Roman Martinez. Uchiyama is the super WBA champion. But Fortuna knows he needs to be victorious tonight in order to get the other names.

“I have to get through fights like this to make it to the top of boxing. I need to be impressive in fights like this to keep my name on people’s lips and keep climbing up the ladder.”

That being said, he has studied his opponent to a tee.

“At times, he keeps his guard up really high and shows no regard of people going to his body,” Fortuna said. “But this is a huge opportunity for him, so he will be at his absolute best that night. I think I will knock him out. He stands up too straight, and I will catch him, but he’s a good boxer with a good record. Hopefully, he’ll show up with no excuses.”