Jean Pascal Says He Will Take The Lower End of a 60/40 Split in Stevenson Fight


    20101230-134000-gFormer world champion Jean Pascal has not let off the gas in pushing Adonis Stevenson to give him his mandatory shot at Stevenson’s title. So far Stevenson has not bitten on any of the bait that Pascal has has thrown at him but the latest offer might be the one that gets Stevenson’s attention.

    If Yvon Michel makes it happen this year [we can do a] 60/40 [split],” said Pascal. “If its in 2015 back to 50/50 [we go]. What’s your excuse now? I’m ready to fight!”

    Pascal continued, “Has anyone ever accused Adonis Stevenson of being smart? I’m going out of my way for the fans 60/40 only in 2014 what’s your excuse now?”