Jesse Magdaleno Defeats Game Jonathan Arrellano by Unanimous Decision


Jesse Magdaleno looked impressive.

It was a great fight between a rugged fighter with a big heart against a fighter with a big upside.

The first few rounds were exciting and fast paced as Magdaleno took a big lead by knocking Arellano down in the second. However, while going in for the kill, he was tagged by a hard left hook. That slowed Magdaleno down and had him counter punching for the next few rounds with Arellano coming on undeterred by the knockdown.

The fight was back and forth until Arellano was put down again in the 6th. Magdaleno nearly had him all the way out but ran out of time. From then on it was a one sided affair that had me wondering if the ref should step in.

This is a great win for Magdaleno. As I said before, “Star Potential” is a phrase that fits him well. He looked good, but also showed some flaws. The kind of flaws that can make for exciting fights, but may also keep him from reaching the elite level. He keeps his left hand low, and was tagged several times while recklessly trying to score the knockout. It’s still early in his career and there’s time to work on these flaws. However with the kind of aggression he showed, it probably won’t be at the top of his priorities.

I also stated before that I preferred Jesse over Diego based on his power. Although he had his opponent hurt, he ultimately couldn’t get him out of there. I believe this says more about Arrellano’s heart and chin than it does about Jesse’s Power.

Good fight. Look forward to seeing both these guys fight again.