Joe Smith Jr. loves the idea of fighting Daniel Jacobs, Jacobs accepts challenge


    April 10th was one of the best nights of Joe Smith Jr.’s career as he became a world champion for the first time in his almost 12 year career. It was supposed to happen earlier in the year but Maxim Voslov caught Covid and that got postponed for a short time which probably seemed like an eternity for Smith. It was a close fight and Smith came close to falling short to accomplish his dream. He got the victory and the question that always comes after a fight is what’s next?

    Well, Smith got an opportunity to face Daniel Jacobs. This would be another dream come true for Smith as he grew up watching Jacobs fight. It would have been a fight he would love to have in the amateurs’ but that did not get to happen due to an age difference and Jacobs turning pro.

    “Just got word from my team that there’s an offer to fight Daniel Jacobs” stated Smith via social media. “I love this fight, especially in New York. Growing up fighting in the amateurs there were two fighters, Danny and Will Rosinsky that I loved going to see fight. Every time I got the opportunity to see them fight, they would destroy their opponent and I learned a lot about the sport of boxing from watching them. I never got the chance to face them in the amateurs due to them being a little older than I was. Unfortunately when the time came that I was ready they had become professionals.”

    “In 2015 I got the opportunity to face Will at the Barclay’s Center and to me it has been one of my biggest accomplishments as a fighter. I learned so much that night.
    I would love to face Danny to end that thought of “What if we fought?” in my mind as a kid.
    What do you think Daniel? This Fall at MSG?”

    Jacobs response, “I accept your challenge. New York is in for a treat.”

    Jacobs’ last fight took place in November of 2020 against Gabriel Rosado. It was a lackluster performance that left many wondering how much Jacobs had left in the tank. It was also a fight many felt Rosado did more than enough to win. Should the fight take place between Smith and Jacobs, it will be the latter’s first-ever fight in the light heavyweight division.