Jorge Linares: Pacquiao’s Small Punches Are Hard


35dccaae88bc1d009d0c4ff6c8d4f562WBC World lightweight champion Jorge Linares(38-3, 25KO’s) was getting his sweat on in the gym when he spoke with ‘Dontae’s Boxing Nation’ to chime in with his perspective on the power of Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao who’s date with Floyd Mayweather, and therefore destiny, is fast approaching.

With his best English, he told of how he has trained with the Filipino star many times before now, sparring him on several occasions.

“Three years before, first time only ten rounds but two years before I trained with Freddie Roach for a long time, maybe seven months, so I go to the camp with Pacquiao in Manilla. Hard training only for three weeks, I did maybe twenty-five rounds.”

What an invaluable experience that would have been for a young aspiring pro looking to break into the top tier of his division. Instances like that, being around the best in the world for prolonged periods and training with them. For Linares, this must have gone a long way to steel him for his recent capture of a world title, as well as giving him a decent gauge of what Pacquiao is capable of.

On how hard Pacquiao hits he agreed with the interviewer that the left hand is strong, and “sometimes he’s coming you know,” as he stepped forward to imitate a fast combination up close, “the small punch is hard.”

So from what Linares reckons even Pacquiao’s flurries hold decent weight, a view that will give hope to those who feel Floyd’s Philly Shell Defense may possibly crack under the relentless hand speed and combinations of his smaller counterpart. Fans who feel otherwise would counter that Pacquiao, by stepping, or jumping in as he often does will open himself up for the single, sharp and accurate shots that Mayweather has made his trademark. Tick-tock, tick-tock.