Roach “I have a good game plan for Manny, I’ve altered the game plan some over the last five Years”


Freddie RoachLooks like Manny Pacquiao is not playing around when it comes to training for the biggest fight of his illustrious career. Pacquiao has already begun light training in the Philippines and was supposed to arrive in the United States on March 8th to open camp for his bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But it seems as the excitement in the Philippines for the bout is too much for Pacquiao to handle. He will be arriving in the United States a week early to train with Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Boxing Club in California.

“Manny called me and said it’s been so crazy in the Philippines that he is going to come over here early and probably start at Wild Card on March 2,” Roach told on Thursday. “Having him early is really nice for me. We’ll have Justin Fortune doing strength work with him, and then we’ll begin the boxing part and start sparring.”

Pacquiao will be spending most of his time with his strength and conditioning Coach Justin Fortune because Roach will be traveling to China for Zou Shiming’s first attempt at a world title when he takes on Amnat Ruenroeng next Saturday. Pacquiao was ok with the decision so Roach will fly out while Pacquiao works with Fortune and Roach’s assistant trainer Marvin Somodio.

“Manny told me I should be with Zou because he knows how important this fight is for him,” Roach said. “The thing is, Manny is that type of guy. He cares about other people. He knows Shiming has a better chance to win if I’m there with him.”

Roach understands that Pacquiao is the underdog but is confident his fighter will be victorious.

“I’m very happy, and I’m very confident we will win the fight,” Roach said. “I have a good game plan for Manny, and I’ve altered the game plan some over the last five to six years since this fight has been something everyone wanted to see. I’ve made adjustments to it since both guys are a little older. I’m watching tape on their last two fights each. They’re not the same as they were five years ago, but it’s a winnable fight for us if we fight the right fight. This is the biggest fight of my life. There’s a lot of pressure, but I’m not going to be nervous. Pressure is good. I want to perform, and I want my fighter to do the best he can.”