Jose Pedraza Expects A Return To Showtime In The Near Future

Jose Pedraza could be Puerto Rico’s next star

Jose Pedraza an undefeated lightweight (11-0, 7 KOs), of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was back on SHOWTIME® ShoBox: The New Generation, where he dominated Timothy Bradley look alike, Tevin Farmer (7-4-1, 1 KO), of Philadelphia, Penn., by eighth round TKO. Team Puerto Rico has suffered some setbacks as of late with members of the team failing in their respected step up performances. There’s tons of pressure placed on the two remaining undefeated members to live up to the hype and looked in every fight.  “I give my performance a B grade, because while I felt good, Farmers ability to counter punch well, my shots didn’t come off as I wanted,” added Pedraza.

Pedraza being a mature prospect started the fight off cautiously using the first round as a measuring stick. Fully aware that Farmer was a late replacement, so Pedraza didn’t know what to expect but it didn’t taking him long to figure his opponent out. “I began to hurt him by the 3rd round, there was a moment in the 5th round where he [Farmer] was receiving numerous punches, that was a good enough time if any to stop the fight because he wasn’t answering to the assault but the referee didn’t stop it,” explained Pedraza.

Farmer showed heart from the second round until the stoppage came. His heart and desire to compete just wasn’t enough to get win against the 5’9′ Pedraza who seemed a bit agitated by Farmers wheels not running flat. “I was a bit frustrated because he would keep running from me, I didn’t understand as tired as he was, he wouldn’t stop running. I would invite him to engage but he wouldn’t,” said Pedraza.

No question Pedraza earned himself a return invitation back to the network something evident by the cheers from the crowd and the accolades from the ringside analysts. “After the second round it was all Pedraza,” said SHOWTIME announcer Raul Marquez after the fight. “There’s only so much punishment a fighter can take.” His all action style is perfect for the Showtime series ShoBox. “I think I looked good, I think for sure they [Showtime] will call me again for another fight on the network, I might have been frustrated because of the kind of style he [Farmer] had but I believe I looked good enough to be called back for another fight,” expressed Pedraza.

While he stopped his man inside the distance and his record clearly indicates otherwise, Pedraza doesn’t see himself as a KO artist. “I do not consider myself a big puncher, I think I’m more of a technical fighter, a versatile boxer but not a big puncher, maybe if he would of stopped and fought I would of landed more punches and knocked him out,” Pedraza told

Pedraza in complete control of his body doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as other fighters when stepping on the scales. You can’t miss weight if you move up when you feel you’ve out grown a division. “We made 133lb eating the day before the weight in. Can we make 130 lb weight limit? Yes, but we understand that the time is coming where we have to move up, because we have many years at 130lb since the amateurs. I understand the time has come to move to 135lb, by the end of next year we will definitely be fighting at 135,” said Pedraza.

Pedraza has all the ability in the world to be the next big thing out of Puerto Rico. Pedraza placed the 135lb division on notice, “135 pound needs to know I’m working hard I will be prepared and ready, I hope when the time comes they are as well,” said Pedraza.


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