Josh Taylor Drops Jose Ramirez Twice, Wins Decision To Become Undisputed Champion At Junior Welterweight


Up to this point the in the year the fight between Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez was supposed to be one of the best fights boxong fans were anticipating. Fight week should have been hype but so much happened in the world of boxing it overshadowed the fight. 

The fight delivered and was entertaining.  It was very competitive (until the second knockdown of the fight) and it could have gone either way. Taylor took over and could have ended the fight with that equalizing left had he of been more active but there was no quit in Ramirez. Taylor ended up winning a close unanimous decision by two points (the knockdowns made the difference). 

The co-main event was a good fight for Hank Lundy who got gypped on the scorecards. Zepeda didn’t come on the way he should have but ended up winning a wide decision. 
I didn’t make it in time for the opening fight but Kenneth Sims Jr. had a huge upset over Elvis Rodríguez. 
Fight run-down’s round by round below.

Ramirez vs Taylor
Round 1: Taylor works the jab early. Ramirez lands a nice body shot that was set up by the jab. Ramirez lands a right which got countered by an uppercut.
Round 2: Taylor’s speed proving to be difficult for Ramirez. Ramirez lands a nice left hook to the body shortly after follower by a left uppercut.
Round 3: Ramirez puts in work this round and it starts with a straight right to the body. Taylor works his way back with a left uppercut and a straight left. Taylor’s right eye was starting to show some wear. Ramirez taking it to Taylor at the end of the round and Taylor is taking a beating.
Round 4: Taylor lands a couple of big lefts to the body and head early on. Ramirez snaps Taylor’s head back with a left.  Bayless warns Taylor for pushing Ramirez’s head down. Taylor hurt Ramirez with a body shot and Ramirez fights back. 
Round 5: The pace slows down this round. The two trade hooks in the last minute and Taylor connects with a hard straight left. 
Round 6: Ramirez goes down from a hard counter left. Ramirez comes back and staggers Taylor.  Ramirez connects with a straight right and the two trade hooks.  Ramirez came back well but that knockdown will probably make a big difference in this close fight.
Round 7: The two go at it and Taylor seems to be landing the better and the uppercut will connect and do damage soon. DOWN GOES RAMIREZ GROM AN UPPERCUT! Ramirez seems to be in trouble and gets saved by the bell.
Round 8: Taylor lands a straight left and an uppercut against the ropes. Taylor lands a couple of uppercuts in the middle of the ring and the two trade words after the bell.
Round 9: Ramirez is losing steam fast. Taylor controlling the round but Ramirez begins to come on towards the end of the round which is very much needed if he wants to win this fight.
Round 10: Ramirez working the jab well and lands a counter left.  Ramirez misses with wild shots and Taylor lands a flush counter left towards the end of the round.
Round 11: Ramirez is getting held a lot and he’s not doing any work. Bayless not giving much of a chance but still should land what you can.  Ramirez has Taylor against the ropes and goes to work this is the first round he’s won in a while.
Round 12: Taylor looking to counter early on. Ramirez lands a hook and comes on strong. Taylor gave the round away and Ramirez finished strong. Should be a win for Taylor.
Results: 114-112 x3 for Josh Taylor

Zepeda vs Lundy
Round 1: Lundy working really well this round. He’s landing hooks and overhand in the exchanges. Zepeda getting some good shots in but Lundy’s have been the more eye-catching.
Round 2: Zepeda doing some solid bodywork this round. Lundy slows down a bit after those body shots but lands a nice counter left.
Round 3: Zepeda goes down after getting hit and trapped at the same time. The referee rules it a slip. Lundy sticking Zepeda with a stiff jab through the round. Zepeda has abandoned the body this round. 
Round 4: Lundy finding a place for that overhand left early this round. Zepeda stocking the jab to Lundy’s body. 
Round 5: Lundy gets caught with a two-punch combo towards the end of the round but comes back to land a hard counter.
Round 6: Lundy lands a nice counter uppercut to the body while he’s against the ropes. Zepeda cut under his right eye from a punch and Lundy begins to target it. 
Round 7: Zepeda targeting the body more this round.  Should have done so earlier. Zepeda nails Lundy with a two-punch combo as the two exchange. Zepeda knocks Lundy off balance with a right-hand seconds before the round ends.
Round 8: Zepeda snaps Lundy’s head back with a stiff jab. Lundy swings hard with the left and misses. Zepeda missed an opportunity to counter big. 
Round 9: Both fighters working the jab well this round. Landy lands a big left then seconds later snaps Zepeda’s head back with a jab. 
Round 10: Not one fighter came out into the final round with the urgency to win.  Zepeda lands a straight left from close range. Other than that not much changed from the other rounds. 
Decision: 98-92 x 3 for Jose Zepeda.