Sam Eggington Victorious Over Carlos Molina


    On May 22nd Sam Eggington and Carlos Molina fought for the WBC Silber Middleweight Title in Eggington’s home country of England.

    The bout was considered a crossroads fight for both but despite how people felt the fight delivered entertainment. Both men fought to the point of exhaustion and never stopped throwing punches. Two of the scorecards were atrocious but the right man did win the fight. Where they go from here is up in the air but both men still have plenty in the tank to continue fighting on.

    Round by round rundown below

    Round 1: Eggington lands two brights early on. Molina lands a couple of two-punch combinations in the last 30 seconds then gets countered as the round comes to a close.

    Round 2: Molina fighting with his hands down I’m the second round. Molina turns up the heat this round landing combinations and left hooks. Edgington’s best work this round has come from the jab.

    Round 3: Molina lands a couple of hooks early and gets caught with a counter right and a counter left early on. Molina wobbled from a counter right.   

    Round 4: Eggington lands a hard body shot early . Eggington controlling the distance well in this round. 

    Round 5: Molina searching to land the left hook and lands a right hook in close range. Eggington lands a hard right against the ropes. Molina lands a sneaky right hand later on in the round.

    Round 6: The two tussle early on. Molina lands a left hook upstairs and a left hook to the body. Eggington targets the body but doesn’t get much done. Molina has slowed the pace of the fight this round which has allowed him to get in some better shots. 

    Round 7: Both fighters target the body early. Molina lands a sweeping left hook. Eggington lands a counter left hook as the two trade. Molina lands a flurry on the body. Molina seems to get staggered from a check hook as the round ends.

    Round 8: Eggington works the body well early and lands a straight right that lands flush. Eggington works over Molina in the corner. 

    Round 9: Both fighters looking to set each other up throughout the round. Molina gets caught with a straight right as he steps back. 

    Round 10: The two go at it at close quarters early on. Both fighters starting to show fatigue. Eggington lands a left hook to the body and Molina catches him with a sweeping left hook up top. Eggington begins to turn up the heat but gets caught with two hard left hooks from Molina.

    Round 11: Both fighters missing a lot of shots. Molina slips and gets up quickly.  Eggington gets caught with a counter overhand right. Eggington landing more shits this round but he’s catching his fair share as well. 

    Round 12: Great round for Molina. Egginton landed several blows but Molina was more active and landed more.

    Result: 116-112, 119-109, 117-111 for Sam Eggington