Juan Francisco Estrada Is Ready for Some Sweet Revenge Against Roman ‘El Chocolatito’ Gonzalez


    Juan Francisco Estrada is currently celebrating the biggest victory of his career as a professional fighter at the young age of 22. Estrada’s victory came over Filipino fighter Brian “Hawaiian” Punch” Viloria in a fight that was expected to be a war and boy did it deliver. It may not have been the biggest fight of the night to those in attendance but to me it stole the show and produced a huge spoiler.

    “Why was Estrada’s victory a spoiler?” you might say. Well it has put up a roadblock to a mega bout between Brian Viloria and Roman “El Chocolatito” Gonzalez from Nicaragua, who was the last fighter to beat Estrada.

    Estrada’s bout with Gonzalez was a bit of a coming out party for him. In a back and forth battle, they pushed each other to the limit in an entertaining bout that could have called for an immediate rematch. The fight elevated Estrada from being just another Mexican fighter to a worldwide fighter.

    Brian Viloria decided to pass on the chance to make a substantial amount of money fighting “El Chocolatito” and faced Estrada, whose last bout was a losing effort to Gonzalez. Boy did it end up biting him in the ass.

    Both fighters came into the bout in tremendous condition and early on Viloria seemed to hurt Estrada with a massive punch to the stomach. Viloria immediately went straight to the body putting all his power into his shots which created openings up top that Estrada took advantage of but retaliated with vicious body shots of own as well. The see saw battle continued with Viloria being unable to answer the puzzle of Estrada and consequently lost his titles.

    And there you have it. A new Mexican star is born with age on his side. At 22, Estrada will only improve. He can take a rematch with Viloria and make even more money than he did in the first fight, but something tells me he will want to seek revenge for his last loss and if he gains revenge it will be ever so sweet.