‘JuanMa’ Is Not Working With Ariza For Garcia, Says He’d Fight Donaire at 126


If you were to ever see Juan Manuel Lopez in between fights, you could see a major difference in his walk around weight from his fighting weight. After struggles to make 122, he moved up to 126. Seemingly again, he was poised to move up in weight to the 130 lb. division.

When ThaBoxingVoice.com spoke to Juan Manuel Lopez in Atlantic City in March, he told us that he would not want a fight with anyone below 128 lbs. and that he was actually eyeing a move to fight for a title at 130 lbs. So it kind of took me by surprise that he would be fighting at 126 for a featherweight title against Mikey Garcia.

Lopez was a guest on ThaBoxingVoice radio show and explained his reasoning for a fight with Garcia at the featherweight limit. “I said I’d prefer 130 and we wanted to fight at 128, but Garcia wanted 26, but this was a fight that was very good for me financially with HBO. With preparation, we can make 126 but this will be my last fight most likely at 126,” Lopez explained.

The news came out that Lopez would be working with strength & conditioning guru Alex Ariza for this fight and some say Ariza’s regiment to benefit Lopez, especially in making weight. Lopez however came on our air to clear these rumors.

“We’re not working with Ariza. We talked to both Ariza and Angel Heredia but they’re both very busy so we’re not working with either. It was just rumors that people decided to run with and it was false the information that leaked out. He’s working a lot with Chavez Jr. but it was just talks, nothing finalized.”

With all things considered, most feel the move up for Lopez was vital and with no change in his camp, one may think that Lopez will struggle to make 126. Lopez disagrees.

“Right now we’re at 139 so we’re in the process of making the weight comfortably. We expect to make the weight with no problems in a relaxed pace. If we continue to work relaxed, we will get there.”

Lopez continued stating that feels this is a real good matchup for him and is confident in his work in the gym. He feels his experience will be the key and if he wins, he may stick around for one more fight against a well-known name.

“It all depends on how I do. If I do great and make the weight like I think I can, I’ll wait for Donaire but if not, I’ll move up to 130 because I feel that’s my most comfortable weight.”


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