Judah Says Pacquiao is NO Punk, But He is On His Own


Zab JudahZab Judah is one of the few fighters that can say he gave Floyd Mayweather Jr. a tough fight when they met nearly a decade ago in Las Vegas. It wasn’t really that close of a fight, in fact it wasn’t super competitive as a whole and certainly not in the second half of the match, but it was a decent showing by Judah when judged by the Mayweather grading curve we tend to issue to the undefeated fighter’s past opponents.

Judah has been tasked with the responsibility of helping Mayweather prepare for his May 2nd bout with Manny Pacquiao, although the degree of help Judah will offer the Mayweather camp is currently unknown.

It isn’t very surprising to see Judah help the Mayweather camp because they have been friends since childhood. Furthermore, Judah has been inactive from competition for over a year and can assist his friend without the rigors of training camp having an effect on a future fight.

“Right now, I’m working with the Mayweather camp. I’m locked in with them guys. Me and Floyd have been good friends from kids. We’re going to work, and I’m going to help out a friend and I want to see him excel to the next level, that’s it,” Judah told Sean Zittel of Thaboxingvoice.com.

It seems like Judah is committed to helping Floyd prepare in any way he can. Still, we all remember the melee which ensued during Mayweather and Judah’s bout in 2006 after repeated low blows delivered by Judah caused Floyd’s trainer/uncle Roger Mayweather to interfere, which then led to a brawl of epic proportions.

That was a long time ago and things have been forgiven and forgotten between the two fighters, but if Judah did hold some animosity he could easily help the Pacquiao camp by giving them some pointers on how to solve the Mayweather equation, theoretically speaking.

Judah is committed to Mayweather, and his loyalty is too strong. However, Judah assures Thaboxingvoice.com that Pacquiao doesn’t need his help because his measures will be extensive, and he believes Manny is capable of being as prepared as possible come fight night.

“Manny is a professional; he’s not a punk; he’s not a sucker. He knows what to do and what he’s got to do because Manny has wanted this fight for 5 years now, Floyd wanted this fight for 5 years now. So now, they’re going to go in there and do their thing.”