Julian Williams On Rigo-Casimero, Fighters Waiting For Rigo To Get Old To Want To Face Him


    Almost a week has come and gone since the *cough* action-packed barnburner between Guillermo Rigondeaux and John Riel Casimero and it’s still a topic that many still feel the need to discuss despite it being a Manny Pacquiao fight week.

    Rigondeaux lost a fight where action was sparse. Casimero looked like an amateur missing wildly against the Cuban but Rigondeaux failed to capitalize on those mistakes (and there were plenty of them).

    Former Super Welterweight World Chamopion Julian “JRock” Williams believed that the negative stigma attached to Rigondeaux could have played a part in him losing last Saturday.

    “I had a debate wit my bro from LA over the Rigo fight last week,” stated Williams via Twitter. “He thinks Rigo won. I told him stigmas and circumstances matter at the top level. Rigo has a stigma of bein a boxer/stinker circumstances were he’s in LA fighting in front of a Mexican crowd against a Filipino puncher.”

    Rigondeaux could have tweaked his style just a little bit. Comedians know to play to the crowd especially if things are not going great and he should have done the same just to improve his standing a little bit at least.

    “As a world class boxer if you have a negative stigma attached to your fighting style and you’re put in tough circumstances you have to adjust your style a bit and over perform in big fights. I know because I’ve had to do it! P.S. I still ain’t forget how all the 122 [pounders ducked a] prime Rigo.”

    Williams is a big fan of the Cuban fighter and it annoys him that it took Rigondeaux getting up in age for guys like this wanting to fight him.

    I’m probably the biggest Rigo fan and I’m super aggravated that he lost to a dude he probably woulda used on the back end of sparring in his prime. They waited my boy out. He’s 41 in yrs [and] now they want smoke.”