Cornelius ‘K9’ Bundrage Considers Himself America’s Most Wanted


    When you think of being known as America’s Most Wanted, you think of the show on television intended to let the country know of the worst criminals wanted by law enforcement officials. For Cornelius “K9” Bundrage, he is calling himself this because ever since he’s been free of a promoter or manager, the phone’s been ringing and he’s been wanted by not only promoter and managers, but trainer’s and opponents.

    “It’s been a blessing to be a free agent. I’ve been contacted by all the big time guys. Whoever you could think off, they’ve been calling. Lou Dibella called me before the Martinez-Chavez fight; 50 cent reached out to me and wanted to do business. I mean it’s great. I’m just waiting for the right offer to make a move,” Bundrage told

    To him the right move was remaining a free agent and not resigning with former manager and trainer Manny Steward and promoter Don King. To K9, it’s no hard feelings it’s just business.  “I spoke to Don King, he said we could work together without contracts and just on a hand shake deal. He even offered me 300k to fight a guy named Nikola Stevanovich overseas, it’s crazy. He isn’t the only one either. Frank Warren reached out to me and said hey K9 come out here and make this UK money. You’ll make more money here than you would in the U.S. fighting an easier guy.”

    He’s held on hoping to land a big fight on U.S, network television. He was rumored to be on the top of Miguel Cotto’s list for his December 1st date in New York. Cotto instead chose to fight Austin Trout. Bundrage feels he knows why. “It ain’t no secret. Cotto does better against movers than come forward fighters. Trout’s a good fighter but I’m more of a threat and he may have come cheaper too. You know Lopez got 200k to fight Canelo, maybe it’s the same or maybe it’s more for Trout.  It’s no hard feelings though. I was just happy to be considered, God is good and I’m sure my opportunity soon,” explained Bundrage.

    That opportunity might land him a shot versus Andre Berto later on during the year or maybe even Canelo Alvarez in his expected Dec 8th date.  “I mean I heard the Berto rumors, till things are signed, I’m keeping my options open.  Golden Boy promoted my last fight and I want to thank them for that, maybe we can work together again. I might have not gotten the Canelo shot this past weekend, but I might land the Canelo shot December 8th, you never know; boxing is crazy.”

    Many have been on the forefront of wanting to fight Bundrage especially the younger guys in the division like Gabriel Rosado, Erislandy Lara, and even Austin Trout. As a free agent, Bundrage kept it simple. He says, “I want the big names. Whether it’s Berto, Cotto, and Canelo; even Pacquiao or Mayweather, that’s what I’m shooting for. Maybe if Trout beats Cotto we can get it on. I want these young guys like Lara and Trout to make a name for themselves and then maybe I’ll fight them. I’m in for the big names.”

    Bundrage is without a trainer as well and has been made offers to come by some of the biggest gyms in the world like the Mayweather Boxing Club and even an open invitation to the Freddie Roach’s famed Wild Card Gym.

    Like his theme has been, he’s keeping his options open when it comes to that as well. He does however feel the right decisions will come because he’s a smart person outside the ring as well as inside. “All fighters aren’t the same. Some are smart in the ring and not outside of it. I’m both. I’ve had offers that could have got me in the ring from all types of managers and promoters. But I’m a free agent. I’m America’s Most Wanted. I got quotes for days. The dog hasn’t been barking because he’s just been waiting to make the right move.  I’m trying to make money in and out the ring. I’ll have a book coming out soon and you’ll get more of this, more of this crazy boxing game. It’s going to be worldwide baby.”

    After K9’s last win against Spinks, he was free from Don King and his once a year fighting schedule. Now that he is still a free agent, hopes are we see him back in the ring before the year ends whether it be Berto or even if he lands the coveted Canelo fight on December 8th.