Kaliesha West Planning A Boxing Comeback?


    Kaliesha West last fought in 2017 winning a unanimous decision over Kristie Simmons. Since that fight, West has gone on to fight as an advocate for women’s rights and for women’s boxing. Her biggest fight is one that many of us have to deal with and that is raising a child. West along with her significant other Hunter Hoke welcomed their first child in November of 2020. That’s a hell of a thing to do during a global pandemic (but it’s not like they could put it on pause).

    Women’s boxing has come a long way since West last fought. The pay is still shit and the women are still not being treated as equals but the recognition and focus on these warriors has intensified. The way things are going right now it can only get better and that seems to be something that has the former world champion itching for a comeback.

    “Currently transferring medical records to a specialist to schedule a very simple service that will allow me to whoop someone’s ass,” stated West via social media. “”At this point we chasin big checks and breaking necks so hide ya kids, hide ya wife.” “PSA there were not of y’all ready for it (the comeback) so imma just have fun and laugh.”

    The game has definitely changed since West last fought so it would be nice to see a comeback. How she would fare is totally up to her and her preparation but win or lose she makes for a hell of a fight and she is still very young (maybe I’m just saying that because I am 35 lol). Either way, this new generation could use the help of veterans to guide them along and teach them to look out for all the bullshit that is out there.