Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter, Kia Optima Report


Kia Optima
The business of covering the sweet science is unpredictable. Boxing has been referred to as the theater of the unexpected, but the job of covering the sport for a multi-platform outlet like Thaboxingvoice is sometimes more chaotic than bargained for.

Such was the case when Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter were scheduled to meet last month in Connecticut. Before Thurman suffered injuries sustained from a car accident, Thaboxingvoice made plans and arranged for the various members of the staff that decided to cover the fights.Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter

However, when it was realized there would be no fight, a decision was going to have to be made.
TBV had already secured transportation in the form of the new 2016 Kia Optima Sedan. We had planned on taking the Optima to Connecticut and cover the fight among three TBV staffers, one of whom was visiting the east coast for the first time.



We decided to salvage the weekend by taking multiple trips to gyms spanning across the east coast. However, we also decided to have an impromptu TBV fan appreciation weekend with two of our most loyal callers.

So, we hopped in the Optima and went cruising to different gyms. This baby was loaded and we had a blast riding in style with all of the bells and whistles featured in the deluxe addition of the Optima.

We were able to make it to so many different gyms with the great gas mileage. Also, with one of our writers from the Lone Star State and not used to colder weather, the heated seats came in handy, especially considering that it was only 54 degrees and the rest of the east coast natives were perfectly fine without the added warmth.

It was such a comfortable ride. There were plenty of fun moments in the spacious vehicle, yet, we were able to get plenty of work done as we travelled through the east coast.

Good thing is Keith Thurman & Shawn Porter are set to host New York City Press Conference tomorrow to discuss
World Title Showdown Saturday, June 25 Live on CBS from Barclays Center In Brooklyn. So Tha Boxing Voice has made new plans to do it even bigger this time now that the fight will happen in Brooklyn. Stay tuned…

TBV will be on hand bring you inside coverage starting tomorrow as we meet with Team Porter at the airport tomorrow morning.