Ken Porter Expects His Son to Return to the Ring in December or January


    Shawn+Porter+Kenneth+Porter+Shawn+Porter+Kell+cnDBBgDIk6blShawn Porter has already been undergoing training camp shortly after his lost against Kell Brook.

    Kenny Porter explains, “He’s been working probably five weeks or so. He was doing some cross training after the fight. [He was] riding bike, swimming, but as far as the hard work we are doing now; he’s probably been putting in some hard work for about five [to] almost six weeks now. He’s doing some things on the track that are unbelievable. He’s swimming a couple times a week. He’s in here now [in the gym] doing bag work for about five to six weeks. He’s in excellent shape. We are working on his mental [aspect] now.”

    One of the mental training regimens is having Shawn Porter spar without being able to throw any punches. Kenny Porter explained why this method of training is now being implemented.

    “The situation he was in today was more mental than physical because he wasn’t allowed to hit the other guys. It is frustrating, it’s like you got a dog on a harness. You know you won’t let him go, he wants to get loose, but the thing is, it improves your intelligence.”

    Due to Shawn Porter’s early preparation, his camp feels he is ready for a fight in the immediate future.

    Kenny Porter stated, “As early as December [you could see Shawn Porter fight]. This year is definitely possible. If we are not fighting by January I’ll really be hard press to stomp my foot and make some noise, but we have identified a few fighters that we’d like to look at. We are looking at some dates, and things are coming together for us. He could go 12 rounds right now, he has gone 12 on the bag, he has gone 12 on the track.”

    Kenny Porter did not specify any fighters, but said they are willing to compete against any of the big names.

    “I can’t give you no names, but don’t be shock if it’s top five.”

    He was also open to rematch any of the opponents they had already fought.

    “We’ll take the rematch with him [Brook], we’ll take the rematch with Alexander, we’ll take the rematch with Malignaggi, we’ll take the rematch with anybody we fought. We are looking forward to the future with any of the big names.”