Khan Hoping for a Fight, Prepared for a Boxing Match


Amir Khan Amir Khan received a ton of criticism for taking the fight with Chris Algieri, and rightfully so. Khan has done little since officially moving up from 140lbs and the fact that he only recently started fighting at the full welterweight limit gives him an even deeper mountain to climb.

So now he will fight Algieri, but so what? If he wins then people will point out all of the obvious flaws with a guy that has never won a fight in the division and was outclassed in his only welterweight fight. And the criticism as it relates to Algieri leading to Mayweather will be laughable (Memes for days).

If Khan loses then it might derail him for the remainder of his career. Goodbye Mayweather fight, and goodbye any last hope of retaining elite status.

For Khan, he needs to destroy Algieri to have any hope of securing credit, although some will never give it to him. However, how is Khan expected to stop a fighter like Algieri—a boxer who rarely steps outside of his comfort zone, or his cage.

Khan is hopeful and told reporters as much at the press event earlier this week.

“I really think Chris Algieri is going to come to fight and that could be the biggest mistake he makes. If he does that he’ll be fighting off all my shots. When fighters fight me they all think it’s going to be easy, but when they feel the power and see the speed and they don’t see the shots that are hitting them their heart goes. Obviously, you can see in my last few performances under Virgil I’ve become a better boxer,” Khan said.

Still, Khan knows that Algieri will show up with his best game which is based around skillful boxing opposed to reckless fighting.

“If Chris wants to make it a boxing match I’ll be there and I’m going to beat him at his own game. If he wants to fight I’ll be there.”