Jackson “Amir has been talking trash but he’s been knocked out twice, Chris hasn’t”


Chris Algieri John David JacksonJohn David Jackson has been chosen as the man to improve Chris Algieri. In his fight with Manny Pacquiao, Algieri looked like he didn’t belong on the elite level. He gets another shot tonight against Amir Khan. Now while Khan may not be on the upper echelon level like a Pacquiao, a win over Algieri might net him a Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather fight to give him a shot. Algieri stands in his way with his new trainer John David Jackson, who feels his new pupil is a better fighter than given credit for.

“I met him in Florida, and we got along pretty well,” Jackson told ThaBoxingVoice.com. “The first day I had him shadow box for me and in those first four rounds, I said this guy can fight. It just hasn’t been brought out on him to become a better fighter. If the corner doesn’t have much knowledge, how can you gain knowledge from someone that might not know as much as you. I see a lot of good things in Chris, and I can help him become a better fighter.”

Jackson feels Algieri’s size advantage for this fight will be used and that Algieri has much better power than most think.

“The fact that they are fighting at 147 and the fact that come fight night Chris might be at 157, I’m confident in his power,” stated Jackson. “Chris does have power, but it hasn’t been brought out of him. If you see his last few fights, he was flighty, always moving, throwing good shots but nothing behind it. He was picking and picking and winning on points. In the Provodnikov fight, he had to survive the early rounds, in the later rounds, he out picked him and out hustled him. This fight here, he’s going to the bigger fighter physically, so use those advantages you got power, sit down on those shots. I think we can shock the world.”

Jackson also feels that Algieri can bring back the flashbacks of Khan being knocked out which can be an advantage to Algieri.

“Amir has been talking trash but he’s been knocked out twice, Chris hasn’t. He never been stopped or knocked out. Our opponent can’t say that it’s a psychology advantage for Chris.”