Khan needs to beat Algieri first, says Virgil Hunter


    Amir Khan“Everything’s Floyd, Floyd, Floyd. I respect all you guys, you know that. But he’s got to fight Algieri. It’s just Floyd, Floyd, Floyd, Floyd, Floyd. And then if he loses, then you guys are going to rake him over the coals. He’s got to focus on Algieri. That’s who we should be talking about,” said Virgil Hunter, speaking on Amir Khan and his upcoming fight against Chris Algieri.

    That was Virgil Hunter addressing the media ahead of his pupil Amir Khan’s bout against Chris Algieri. Hunter believes Amir has a tough task ahead so he and Amir can’t make any mistakes of overlooking a guy that has defeated Emmanuel Taylor and Ruslan Provodnikov.

    “I can’t afford to make any mistakes,” Hunter told The Guardian. “There’s a lot of pressure on this fight in that sense, where if you make a mistake you’re done.”

    Ever since Hunter took over the reigns as head trainer of Amir Khan, the defensive responsibility has changed for Khan. It was rough early on in his fights with Julio Diaz but in his fights with Luis Collazo and Devon Alexander last year, the improvements showed. Hunter Feels Khan can be the best welterweight in the world if his progress continues.

    With his ability, with his speed, with his intelligence, he should dominate the welterweight division,” he said. “That takes time, that takes work, but that’s what I’m in it for. The bar is set high because he has a gift. I don’t want to sit around if I can make it to 85 and training fighters and say I failed this kid because I was just in it for a check. As long as we’re together, he has to be great because he as all the ingredients to be great. All the ingredients, from his gift to his family to the support he has. He’s at the right age, he’s at the right weight. You just don’t squander those kind of gifts.

    And according to Hunter, his best is yet to come.

    “There’s a fight in him that the world hasn’t even seen yet.”