Khan: No one approached me about Provodnikov fight


Ruslan Provodnikov - Amir KhanAmir Khan and Ruslan Provodnikov had a war of words on Twitter. It was reported that Khan-Provonikov might be in play for a showdown in Brooklyn on November 7th on Showtime. Provodnikov took to Twitter with this statement.

“Looks like @AmirKingKhan will chicken out of the fight @trboxing will promise him Pacquiao at the end they will have one of their own fight Pac.”

Khan responded by saying, “Not had any offer from you whatsoever, Algieri beat you son go chase him, I want Pacman.”

Khan told Sky Sports that no one has approached him about fighting Ruslan Provodnikov.

“No one has approached me about that fight,” Khan said. “I don’t know anything about it, [Manager] Al Haymon has not even mentioned that fight to me. So I think it is just a rumor to be honest with you, but the Manny Pacquiao fight seems more likely to happen.”

Khan says he wants Manny Pacquiao and one can be skeptical because Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum and Al Haymon are in court where Arum is suing Haymon for 100 million dollars for violating the Ali Act and claiming that Haymon is establishing a monopoly in boxing.

Khan says that there are talks.

“We are working on that fight, we are speaking to [Bob Arum and his team, and I think if that is going to happen, it will happen early next year. It’s a good fight for me. We know each other quite well, we’ve done up to 100 rounds of sparring. I used to train with Freddie Roach before so it makes a good story line as well.”

Khan feels its the right time for catch Pacquiao.

“But I think it is a good time to catch Manny Pacquiao now. I think it would be a huge fight. I don’t know where it’s going to be yet, but we are talking terms and negotiating if we can make the fight happen.”