Khan speaks to Mayweather about fight; lots of swearing


Amir KhanWBC Silver welterweight champion Amir ‘King’ Khan (31-3, 19 KO’s) was out doing a photo shoot on Monday afternoon for Showtime Sports, a regular task for fighters who are in the spotlight.

The former light-welterweight titlist has been vying to get a fight with undefeated pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. for years, coming up embarrassingly short a year ago.

In January 2014, Khan claimed he had signed a contract to fight Mayweather, but the five-division world champion decided to leave it up to the fans to decide who he would fight next in a poll, but Mayweather pulled a Jaromir Jagr and went the other way.

Although Khan defeated Maidana in the poll, Mayweather chose to fight Maidana instead, who had recently defeated close friend Adrien Broner for the WBA World welterweight title in December 2013.

Khan even skipped on an opportunity to fight Devon Alexander in December 2013 because he thought he was going to get the Mayweather fight, tweeting, “No response from Mayweather or his team. Fights not happening. I should of taken the title fight last December against Alexander…”

Now, Khan is claiming he’s never been closer to fighting Mayweather, who is just as elusive outside the ring, than he is inside the ring.

According to Khan on his Snapchat story on Monday, the Briton fighter spoke with Floyd Mayweather Sr., the father and trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr., about the possibility of fighting his son.

“Me and Floyd Sr. just had a conversation; it was a little crazy talking about a fight between me and his son, a lot of swearing that he was doing, but I’ll post it soon,” Khan stated.

Khan and Mayweather Sr. aren’t exactly on the greatest of terms.

Just three weeks ago, Khan said this to the Daily Star.

“When he [Mayweather Sr.] trained me one time, he said, ‘You’ll be the guy to beat my son,’” Khan commented.

Mayweather denied ever saying that to Khan, speaking with

“He’s a liar and that’s the biggest lie on the planet. I had a meeting with Khan at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas in 2006. G have me an autographed book about his life and time in the Olympics. We had a meeting, and he wanted me to train him,” Mayweather explained.

“Amir Khan was accompanied by his dad, and he wanted to be trained by me, but it never happened. I never trained him. He ended up going with Freddie ‘The Joke Coach’ Roach.”

From the way it looks, it seems like their talk had some tense moments. What was said? We’ll have to wait for Khan to post the interview.