Kovalev: ‘I Will Give My Fans a Great Show’


    download (1)As the much-anticipated bout between Bernard Hopkins and Sergey Kovalev draws near, both fighters feel fully prepared heading into the bout.

    Bernard Hopkins’ philosophy in his training regime was to remain conservative throughout the process. He realizes his body has matured, and at age 49, adaptation is necessary to succeed in the sweet science.

    He explained, “When I look back at the last five years of my career, I’m spending less time in the gym than I did in the beginning of my career. I’m fighting 12-round fights, why am I training for four hours? These are the things you do when you’re young. When you get older you realize that you had to survive it, that’s how I got here.”

    Kovalev being the much younger fighter had his own principles in his training regime. His motto is, “If my opponent [Bernard Hopkins] works harder, he will get [the] victory and I don’t want that.”

    Despite never being passed the 8th round in his professional career, Kovalev is prepared for any route the bout undergoes. When asked if he has any plans of ending the fight early, he stated, “If it will [come, then] yes. If not, it will be [a] 12 round decision [in my favor]. For me it doesn’t matter. First of all, I need to get the victory.”

    With the bout a week away, Kovalev claims to be finished with training camp. He announced, “It’s already done. I will give to my fans a great show.”