Lee Wins WBO Title, Stopping Korobov in Six Rounds


    20140607_tcb_bm3_213.JPG.0Matt Korobov and Andy Lee squared off for the vacant WBO middleweight title tonight in Las Vegas.

    The action was very slow early on in the fight with both fighters feeling each other out and Lee producing a very low punch output.

    The fighters traded the first two rounds.Lee started find his way in the 3rd round landing big left hands to the body and upstairs.

    The 4th and 5th rounds I felt Korobov started to establish some sense of control in the fight.

    About two minutes into the 6 round Lee landed a huge right hand and that wobbled Korobov and Lee wasted no time jumping on Korobov and unleashing an onslaught that would end the bout and make Andy Lee the new WBO middleweight champion of the world.