Lemieux: ‘I Want Canelo, Cotto, and Triple G’


    lemieux12David Lemieux put his name in the Middleweight ranks this weekend stopping rugged Philly fighter Gabriel Rosado. A lot of people questioned Lemieux’s chin and durability, but he took Rosado’s best punches and returned fire off his own.

    “I don’t mean no disrespect but his power wasn’t bothering me at all. My power is much superior to his,” Lemieux told ThaBoxingVoice.com. “My patience was key. He thought I was going to gas out but I was still strong till the 12th round. I wasn’t really going for the knockout because I knew he was going to be on the defensive.”

    The names kept coming at him from the media but Lemiuex made it clear, he just wants the best at 160.

    “I don’t care if it’s GGG. Whoever is as at 160, I will fight them, Cotto, Quillin, triple whatever,” stated Lemiuex. “For sure I would love to fight Quillin, hell yeah. Money talks, I love fighting here or Canada for GGG, but that’s a fight that has to pay. You guys want this fight and I’m going to give it to you. When the negotiations are right, we’ll make it happen.”

    Lemiuex knows the game and knew beating Rosado was a step in the right direction to land the big fish at 160.

    “I don’t think they (big names at 160) want to approach. It’s step by step process. We had to win this fight to get the Cotto’s and Canelo’s,” explained Lemieux.

    Lemiuex wanted to prove that the Rubio fight was a mishap and he is a better fighter who wanted to go for it all against Rosado.

    “I had juice from the first till the last round. I’m a whole different fighter than the Rubio fight but you guys be the judge,” stated Lemiuex. “I wanted to make it crystal clear that he quit but this is boxing and the referee made the decision to stop it before I could do it, this is boxing but respect to him he was tough.”

    With the victory, Team Lemiuex wants the big names.

    “You name it, we want Canelo, Cotto, Triple G, those are some nice names, you get the money and we’ll fight.”