Lena Taylor On Her Start In Boxing and Upcoming Bout

Everyone has a backstory on how they got to where they are today. Some start at an early age, some have it thrust upon them and others stumble upon where they are at. Lena “Brown Sugar” Taylor (3-0, 3 KO’s) started out doing martial arts and did well at it and then her instructor received the opportunity to train a highly decorated professional boxer which sparked interest in Taylor who then fight as an amateur.
“I got into boxing through martial arts,” said Taylor. “My teacher got an opportunity to train Hector Camacho and started a boxing team. He saw my dedication to karate and wanted a female on his team who was dynamic. I loved my time as an amateur. I got to travel and see the world that most young ladies of my demographics wouldn’t have the opportunity to see. Being an amateur and female it can be hard to make your place in this sport, luckily I had an amazing support team in my fellow boxers and family.”
 The choice to turn pro was a simple one. After achieving a lot as an amateur, Taylor wanted to progress and to progress she had to step away from the amateur ranks.
“In life, as in boxing, there should be a natural progression. I dominated in my field as an amateur. I was a 4-time gold medal winner in my weight class. I was on the Women’s USA boxing team traveling all over.”
Taylor has had a boxing career that has spanned just over a decade. She fought once in 2005 and once in 2006 and then took a break from boxing to get an education and expand beyond the support. After getting her education, Taylor was here to return to boxing indeed so July of this year.
“I definitely saw that pro boxing needed fresh blood to energize the sport, so after I took some time off to get my bachelor degree, I came back better than ever.”

Taylor has fought in a few different weight classes and fighting in different divisions is not an issue for her as long as the fight is worth it and would help advance in her career. On November 7th, Taylor will step foot into the ring in a lightweight bout against Kandyce Williams (2-1) of San Bernardino, California and is determined to walk away victorious.

“I am comfortable at the 135-140 range. It is the right balance for speed and power and where I tend to do the most damage. But don’t count me out in any weight class  a true contender can adapt and thrive and make no mistake I am a contender. I am not traveling all the way to Arizona to lose. Much respect to Kandyce and her supporters she worked hard to get to where she is but I am not coming to lose.”

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