Leo Santa Cruz: ‘I Want Mares, Rigondeaux, Frampton, Scott Quigg, Anyone of the Champions’


    leo-santa-cruzLike most of Al Haymon fighters, Leo Santa Cruz’ buzz has kind of fizzled out due to his opposition and amount of time in the ring. However, he feels in 2015, he will get the big names that he says he wants.

    Right now I want Mares, Rigondeaux, Frampton, Scott Quigg, anyone of the champions,” Santa Cruz told ThaBoxingVouce.com “Whoever my management thinks is better but I’m willing to fight whoever.”

    It seems that most Al Haymon fighters take that approach when it comes to naming names. They’re willing to fight whoever but ultimately it comes down to Al Haymon. Santa Cruz says he mentions names but he respects and sides with the way his management chooses to go.

    “I tell him I want to fight them,” explained Santa Cruz. “Well right now I have other plans for you but we’ll get you those fights. But whatever he says, he does the right things for me so I respect that.”

    Santa Cruz acknowledges why he believes in Haymon. Essentially it’s because Haymon is for the fighter.

    “He’s a great person. What he does is for the fighters, he respects the fighter, protects the fighters. Whatever I need he takes care of it for me.”

    The rumor was this year that the strategy for Al Haymon was to let the Golden Boy contracts expire on their fighters so he can essentially have his own stable. Santa Cruz is one of the fighters that is signed to Golden Boy and Al Haymon with his Haymon contract being longer.

    “I’m signed with Golden Boy and Al Haymon but my Haymon contract is longer,” stated Santa Cruz. I signed with Haymon after. The Golden Boy contract ends in 2 ½ years. “

    With Golden Boy working with HBO now, there are other possibilities for Mares but with Haymon working exclusively with Showtime and likely having the NBC Deal, Santa Cruz he feels that he it will conflict with possible opponents.

    “I think it can conflict. My manager they know what they’re doing. They’re going to come to an agreement and whatever is best for me.”