Liam Williams to Andrade: You’ve got me worrying about your well-being now


    Liam Williams has been the mandatory challenger to Demetrius Andrade for some time and he has been itching to cash in on his chance for his shot at the title. Unfortunately for Williams, Andrade seems to have little to no interest in fighting his mandatory challenger despite not having any fights coming up.

    Williams has time and time again called out Andrade on Twitter but has come up empty in getting a response from the champion. Williams even baited the American fighter after he was away from Twitter for a few days.

    “Are you there Demetrius?? You’ve got me worrying about your well-being now!! Please let us know you are ok? Get in contact with someone. Anyone!”

    If Andrade does not fight Williams soon the sanctioning body will need to do more to enforce the bout. Williams is ranked higher up than all of the opponents Andrade has faced with the title on the line.