Lomachenko Dominates Piriyapinyo Despite Injured Left Hand


    _75720835_lomachenkoVasyl Lomachenko improves to 3-1 with a dominating performance against Chonlatarn  Piriyapinyo 52-1, despite suffering an injury to his dominant hand. The two time gold medalist displayed why he is highly touted in the boxing world.

    From the opening bell Lomachenko displayed his great footwork, and constantly landed his punches at will. Piriyapinyo landed some punches as well, but nothing of significance as Lomachenko remained defensively sharp throughout the entire fight.

    In the 4th round, Lomachenko continued using great lateral movement, and beautifully set up a left uppercut that knocked Piryapinyo down. Piriyapinyo managed to beat the count, and Lomachenko jumped right on him but the round came to a close.

    In the next couple of rounds Piriyapinyo managed to gather his senses, but was still being outclassed. Then in the 7th round Lomachenko did not throw one left hand in the entire round, due to an injury he suffered after a punch in the 6th. For the rest of the fight, Lomachenko was essentially a one handed fighter, and still continued to dominate.

    Piriyapinyo tried picking up the pace but Lomachenko’s lateral movement, and sharp punching with his lead hand kept him at bay.

    Lomachenko was awarded a shutout victory as all three judges had it 120-107. Lomachenko did exactly what was expected of him, and that’s dominate his opponent, but no one expected him to do it with just one hand. Lomachenko continues to prove that he is in fact, one of the top, if not the top fighters in his division. Possible next opponents can be Guillermo Rigondeaux, Nicholas Walters, or Johnny Gonzalez. Regardless of his next matchup, Lomachenko will surely provide plenty of trouble against anyone he steps in the ring with.