Lucas Browne “I would love to expose Wilder. I think he’s a big mouth”




Amongst the news of the Heavyweight Championship crown returning to America last weekend, when Deontay Wilder defeated Bermane Stiverne, boxing fans worldwide begin scratching their heads. Could this be a long-awaited rainy day after the post-Tyson era drought in the heavyweight division? Maybe. For the first time in nearly a decade, an American heavyweight holds the WBC world heavyweight title… But who will he fight? There are a few options. Immediately discussed post-fight, was a potential matchup with Tyson Fury, followed perhaps by a bout with Wladimir Klitschko. These matchups are certainly pleasant to ponder, but even more delightful, for me, are some of the quieter names in the division.
As some of you know, I am always thirsty for new information. I could blame my insomnia for giving me so many sleepless hours to sniff around the internet, but I think what we have here is the emergence of my alter ego. She’s a bit of a Nancy Drew-like investigator, frustrated with the lack of mainstream media coverage in boxing, and taking to the streets of the World Wide Web to discover the latest and the greatest in pugilism. I don’t recall the date or time of the night I first read about Lucas Browne, the 22-0, 19KO heavyweight out of Australia, but I do remember the first time I watched one of his fights.

Beyond my obsession with heavyweights (I grew up in the Tyson-era), something else caught my attention. My research told me that Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne was mostly self-trained. As I watched his fight with Eric Bahoeli unfold in April 2014, I simply could not believe I was watching a fighter who hadn’t had years of formal training, not to mention all that power. An unfamiliar name in America, Lucas Browne is one of the most promising heavyweights in the division, but before we get into why, let’s get to know the man. Following Nancy Drew’s best advice, I held a brief Q&A so we could all get to know the man.

Lissy’s Interview with Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne

Q: Tell us about yourself. Who is Lucas Browne?

A: “To be honest, I’m a very simple man. I have three beautiful kids, and a healthy longing to hurt people. I’m a quiet person who doesn’t start trouble, but loves to finish it. I love to sing and enjoy soul and R&B music. I’ve always dreamt of being the heavyweight champion of the world and I don’t think I’m too far off. I’ve been almost entirely self-trained with no amateur fights. I’m signed with Hatton promotions, and now I am trained by Jeff Fenech.”

Q: Tell me about your mixed martial arts history. When did you decide to go the boxing route?

A: “I wanted to fight… I started in MMA, and after very little training, I jumped straight in and had my first ever legal fight. It was just before my 30th birthday and it was a cage fight. Two weeks later, I had my first kickboxing bout. One week after that I had my first boxing bout. I concentrated on MMA at first, but realized after my fight with Daniel Cormier for the XMMA world title, that I was a bit out of my league when it came to wrestling. I just wanted to stick to boxing.”

Q: Most Americans are just starting to hear your name as we celebrate the Deontay Wilder victory. Do you think what you have to offer brings us something more to be excited about in the heavyweight division?

A: “I think I have a no-bullshit approach to fighting. I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, and often. I don’t talk shit. I just fight. I have respect for my opponents but will knock them out just the same.”

Q: You were in Vegas recently. Do you have any news for your next fight? Is there anything in the works to get you a fight on American soil?

A: “Team Hatton have a few things in the works for me, and hopefully I’ll get a 2-fight deal signed to make my US debut.”

Q: You’re 22-0, 19 KO’s but most of us don’t know much about your opponents. What was your toughest fight?

A: “I’ve had no amateur experience at all and have had to learn on the go and fast. My opponents have slowly gotten better and harder, and I hope this year I can step it up and show the world who I am. My toughest opponent to date would have to be Rudenko, because I made the fight difficult on myself. Up until just recently, I’ve been almost entirely self-trained, and I wasn’t prepared either mentally or physically to fight, and I think it showed in that fight. It made me dig deep and pull through and made me work for the win. I also learned a valuable lesson in the process.”

Q: Rumors have been circulating that you’d like to fight Malik Scott.

What’s the holdup? On Twitter, you both seem very interested. He seems open to fighting you. Is there a reason that hasn’t been signed?

A: “I like him and would love to fight him and have also expressed this to my promotional team. At the end of the day, they [my promotion team] tell me who I fight, so it’s up to them.”

Q: With Deontay Wilder now holding a championship belt, that I can only assume you’d rather be around your waist, do you think you’ll fight him? If so, what will be your game plan?

A: “I would love to expose Wilder. I think he’s a big mouth who would drop like a fly if I hit his chin and he knows that. I think he will avoid me like that plague just so he can hold onto that belt for as long as he can. By the end of this year, I’ll be fighting for a title of some sort.”

Q: Last but not least, I saw you have a new clothing line sponsorship. What’s the update? When can we expect big daddy gear to be available in the US?

A: “A Company in the UK called Knock Out Clothing are producing my range of big daddy gear alongside their already sensational brand of clothing, and it should be ready in a few weeks.”

Why do I think he is one of the most promising heavyweights in the division? Is it my love for a boxer who has been, until recently, completely self-trained? Is it that I love his no-nonsense approach to finding opponents? Am I blinded by the glimmer of hope in the heavyweight division and clinging to the possibility of the revival of a division in boxing that has been so stagnant for the past 20 years? No. I think beyond what most eyes have seen, Lucas Browne has an incredibly raw talent that will only improve as he has added a trainer and gained sponsorship. His power is incredibly dangerous. With the right training and matchmaking, Lucas Browne might have exactly what it takes to challenge the new American Heavyweight Champion or anyone else in the division.