Lucas Matthysse Will Make Short Work of Mike Dallas Jr.


Mike Dallas Jr. is a solid, well rounded boxer with great hand speed and great foot work. He has good power and loves to keep the jab pumping. However, if he couldn’t get past Mauricio Herrera and was stopped by Josesito Lopez, he has virtually no chance against Lucas Matthysse.

Some would venture to say that those with quick hands and feet are Matthysse’s kryptonite. This is given the fact that, although Matthysse’s two loses are seen by most as robberies, he didn’t exactly look like Superman in them.

On first glimpse, one might think that Dallas poses enough of those qualities to give the Argentine banger some fits. A second look however reveals that the walls eventually will close in on him and his less than sturdy chin will soon break under the pressure. I do believe he will do enough to make the bout interesting for a few rounds, but around the fifth round, the light at the end of the tunnel will be eclipsed by a freight train in the form of a thundering straight right.

He brings his left hand back pretty low, the perfect spot for a right counter by arguably the hardest puncher in the sport.

Mike Dallas definitely has heart and a fighting spirit. He’s not afraid to mix it up. But as Ajose Olusegun learned, that’s not the best strategy against a big puncher with skills and a good chin.

Dallas is in with one of the best trainers in the sport, Virgil hunter,  who is also Andre Ward’s trainer. Problem is I don’t think that he has had an adequate amount of time to develop the ability to fight the perfect fight, because make no mistake, Dallas will have to fight the perfect fight to have a chance, let alone win.

Mike Dallas is a very talented young fighter with a lot of promise, but he has been pushed into some tough fights when perhaps he wasn’t ready. This fight is no different. If Virgil Hunter can indeed hone his skills, it’s going to take more time and smaller steps up rather than going straight for Mount Everest.

Matthysse at this point is running out of flaws. His skill set continues to rise and is beginning to match his now world renowned power. I believe he will have to chase Dallas a little early on. He will inevitably catch him. And when he does, Matthysse will punish him severely en route to a mid rounds stoppage. Let’s say the seventh.